Neurosurgical examination and assessment: 27 000 Ft

Neurosurgical check-up: 16 000 Ft

Manualtherapeutical (Chiropractical) examination and assessment: 25 000 Ft

Manualtherapeutical (Chiropractical)  check-up: 12 000 Ft

Online consultation:  20 000 Ft

If the patient’s problem can be treated by manualtherapy then the price of it is included in the consultation fee in case there is enough time to do so after the examination or after reviewing the results of the previous examination. If there is not enough time during the first examination then it can happen during the next meeting when the patient comes for a check-up.

In case of a manualtherapy treatment the check-up fee applies within 6 months following the first consultation. Over six months the consultation, examination and treatment is considered as a new examination.

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