As a neurosurgeon my special field is spine surgery, where I apply the most up-to-date technics and practices.

I started my studies in the National Institute of Neurosurgery (Budapest), later I continued working in the Hungarian Defense Forces Medical Centre (Budapest) and I achieved the position of an adjunct professor. At present I work in the Medicover private hospital, Budapest, and I have my private outpatient clinic in the Optimum Studio.

My principles are being a professional and as a life-long learner keep pace with the newest developments.

I carry out a wide range of spine surgeries. Nowadays I treat mainly degenerative pathologies like disc hernia, narrowing of the spinal canal, vertebral slippage, deformity cases and some vertebral fracture types. My specialty is the minimum invasive spine surgery and the surgery of the area of the skull-neck transition (cranio-cervicalis).

In Hungary I am among the first practitioners who applied minimally invasive spinal stabilization surgeries. With these types of approaches the aim is to ensure a quick recovery by a small incisions; i.e. minimum destruction of the tissue, resulting in much less loss of blood in contrast with the traditional way of surgical intervention. If it is required by the individual situation of the patient, I also apply the standard surgical interventions. It is important to understand that the minimally invasive surgical methods cannot be applied on every case.

A wide range of the most up-to-date technology is used in my work.

Integral part of my work is the scientific research and publications.

I participate and make presentations regularly at conferences, congresses both locally and internationally.  Through life-long learning my aim is to treat my patients at the highest standard.

I apply the same spine implants that are used in Germany or in the USA.

During my private praxis I render neurosurgical consultation on the basis of the examination of the patient and of the diagnostic results, I inform him/her about the possibilities of a therapy or of a surgery and answer all the questions of the patient.

Besides the neurosurgery I also deal with manualtherapy (chiropractic). Through the technics of the manualtherapy the musculoskeletal disorders can be reversed, i.e. the functional disorders can be treated through manual treatments. Following the consultation – if the condition of the patient makes it possible – the manualtherapy can be started right away. The therapy focuses on the disorders of the spine.

My expertise both in neurosurgery and manualtherapy helps me to get a complex picture about the disorders of the spine, i.e. I can perform an examination both from the “surgical’ view and from the aspect of the manualtherapy.

My goal is to help and achieve the trust and satisfaction of my patient.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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